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Homey Pro plug-in




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    Grant Sloman

    Hi Chris. This isn't currently possible, but there might be an alternative using a Group Scene (available in firmware 2.4.0). You could have 2 Homey flows - one for 'Turn On' and another for 'Turn Off'. Then, on the switch add both scenes to a Group Scene set to 'Step' mode. The switch will then alternate between turning on and turning off, and the label will change accordingly.

    There's a slight flaw though: If the lights are turned on/off by another means then the state wont' be correct and you might then need to press the button twice to get it back in sync.

    Hope that helps.

  • Brum

    This would be a nice feature, I tried something in the same lines, by making the name of the button change, in combination with a group scene, you could cycle through different temp and humidity and use the Rithum as a dashboard.

    But the button just shows "???"



  • Grant Sloman

    Hi Brum,

    This is now possible with the latest release. Is your 'Temperature' tag a Logic Variable, or a tag from another device? Note that only Variables are currently supported in labels. If you need it to be based on another tag then you could add a new variable and a flow which updates it when the device tag changes.

    Hope that helps. If you're still having a problem then email us at and we'll assist further. Thanks.

  • Brum


    I tried to get the value directly from the tag, but it works when makeing a Logic Variable!



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