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Hide scenes screen



  • Jens Ihnow

    Less important as users would not use half of the current function of the device… not sure if this really is a thing needed.

  • Gordon

    Useful when just using the device as a touchscreen interface for Sonos control, without any need for a scene (or awaiting integration with a view to add scenes later). The only other alternative is the "Brilliant" touch screen for Sonos control from a wall mounted device, negating the in wall tablets etc, which gives a very different aesthetic. IMO it's useful for guests without having them join the network and by having a central point of control next to a light switch, I have noticed older generations using their Sonos systems more rather than having to go find a phone where voice control is not desired.

    The function is already there for hiding the audio screen, removing half of the current function of the device too. 


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