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Adding Sonos playlist to 'Sonos favorites'



  • Rithum Support

    In the Sonos app, you need to go via the Search section otherwise it doesn't provide the option to add to My Sonos for some reason. If you search playlists (including for your own) and then select the playlist you want to add, then press the three dots on the top right and you should be able to add to My Sonos.

  • Martijn Oost

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the Sonos playlists do not show up when you search for them. The Spotify playlists do... So I'm still not able to add Sonos playlists to the drop-down menu. 


    I also found out the following; 

    When I play a Sonos playlists (consisting of Soundcloud tracks, so another service than Sonos) in the Sonos app, the Smart Switch does not show the song which is currently playing and I'm not able to control the currently playing song through the Smart Switch. Is this a bug or normal behaviour?

  • Rithum Support

    Hi Marjin,

    We will convert this to a ticket to see if we can work out what's happening.


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