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Athom Homey - Climate controll




  • Official comment
    Grant Sloman

    We have implemented a RithumStat thermostat device in our 2.0 Rithum app for Homey and Homey Pro plugin. If you would like to test the beta release then please install the test version of the app from

    Your switch will also need to be updated to the 3.2 beta release of firmware. To request the update, please submit a ticket at or send us an email at and include your switch serial number(s) as shown in System > About. Thank you.


  • Erikb

    Would be of great use

  • ernstvdvlist

    Would be great! So I can replace my current thermostat with a Rithum!! :-)

  • owu

    A vote from me, too

  • Rithum Support

    As of 2.2, you can use Rithum Stat to trigger a Homey Flow. Does this fulfil your needs?

  • owu

    No ;-)
    It would be great if we can configure the climate control panel to use homey flows not just the screen panel
    (e.g.increase temperature via climate control panel will trigger a homey flow "increase temperature") 
    For the Rithum switch it would be great if homey can get the temperature data, too (zigbee ?) for the violet switch there could be a possible to recieve the current room temperature via homey and its connected sensors

  • Jonas Enqvist

    Hi, I also want to let Homey to control Rithum climate screen. For example flow in Homey that turn off heating for hours with high price.

  • Rithum Support

    Thanks for all the feedback. We are looking to implement something very soon, watch this space.


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